Jake Dale Johnston, 13, of Nixa, MO passed away on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. He was born on Thursday, August 16, 2007 in Springfield, MO to Amy Dawn Blair and Jeremiah Dale Johnston.

Jake was a people pleaser and always had a smile for you. He was undisappointable, selfless and forever the jokester. Jake had an incredible work ethic and was a morning person. He was a natural entertainer and was a member of the Nixa Jr. High School Theater and Men’s Choir. Jake loved his dogs, 80’s music, wrestling, baseball, fishing and lobster (when he could get it). He was not a fan of Golf but if it made you smile he was all in.

Jake is survived by his parents, his step-mother Laura, two dogs Junior and Auggie, one sister Jordan Johnston, one step-brother Carter Beaty, maternal grandparents Marty and Melanie Welsh, paternal grandparents Connie Johnston and Rick Austin, paternal grandparents Jack and Paula Johnston, paternal great-grandparents Jerry H. Carson and Vicki one uncle Jaime Blair, one aunt Kristin Blair and numerous cousins, friends, and family.

Stories from Jakes dad Jeremiah:

In the summer of 2018, I took both Jake and Jordan to Boston to visit one of my best friends from the military, Rick.  Jake and Rick instantly hit it off!  They hit it off so well that Jake just started doing what Jake always did, talk talk talk!  Rick said, “I’ve never in my life met a kid that had so much energy he could talk nonstop!” Lol!

If you knew Jake it was spot on.
On day 2 we went into Boston and walked the Freedom Trail.  This was August mind you.  We walked roughly 12 miles by the end of the day and were so tired and hot, but not to worry Jake kept us all in good spirits talking all the way home.  At the end of our trip Jake had made friends for life, even some local Boston natives none of us knew.


When we flew home something happened and we couldn’t all be in the same row, so Jake was directly behind me and Jordan was in the row across from me.  I started to sleep through the flight only to be awakened by the sound of Jordan loudly whispering “Jake, leave him alone”.  Jake snapped back, “um we are friends and I’m teaching him about video games.”  I started to listen, Jake says “So you’re from Chile huh?  Your English is not too bad.  Is that a hot place?  What do you do?  Play soccer, that’s cool.” This goes on and on until we landed.  I felt bad for the guy, but just smiled because I know whatever they discussed, that random guy from Chile was better for knowing Jake!

I also wanted to share on behalf of Amy, Jordan, Laura and myself, we will always hold close to our hearts that on our darkest day  and the days that would follow that would forever change us that you all never let us fall, you never left our side and you poured your hearts out to us in our time of indescribable pain.  

Love You Jake!!  You were and always will be the best!!