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We will not be having the Jake Race this year at the Ozark Raceway Park.  Keep watching for our fall fundraiser. 

What we are all about - Children in the Ozarks!!!

The Jacob Yeates Foundation purpose is to provide grant money to school districts so that they can help children in their district with school related financial needs.  The school districts have been able to help children with shoes, glasses, field trip fees, school pictures, coats, club dues, a yearbook, and many other items that a child needs but many times cannot have or participate in because of financial limits.  The Jacob Yeates Foundation would like to set up a fund at as many school districts as it can in the Ozarks and beyond. 

   Jacob Yeates was killed in a car accident 11-25-2006.  He was 17 years old.  He loved to help others with a friendly smile and a helping hand.  After his accident, we found that he had been helping many of his class mates with needs that they had.  The Foundation was set up to continue his spirit of giving and showing someone that they were loved and someone cared about them.

We currently have a 'Jake Fund' setup at the following schools in the Missouri Ozarks.  As donations permit we will expand to more schools.

  • Ava R-I

  • Norwood R-I

  • Gainesville R-V

  • Lutie R-VI

  • Bakersfield R-IV

  • Hartville R-II

  • Dora R-III

  • Skyline R-II

  • Plainview R-VIII

  • Mansfield R-IV

  • Sparta R-III

  • Chadwick R-I

  • Willow Springs R-IV

  • Seymour R-II

We are accepting donations to help support Jake Funds at more Ozark School Districts. It takes an average of $1 per student at a school district to support their needs.  The school districts have an range of 250 students to 2000 students in the Missouri Ozarks.  Help support part of a school district or all of one.  Go to the Donate Now Button or come to our annual fundraiser drag race.

 If you are a school district and interested in applying please fill out an application and submit it.  See the School Information page for more info on the application.



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